About Us

IME Solutions Sdn Bhd (IMES) core business is specializing in providing manufacturing solutions to the local and overseas manufacturing companies. We have our in-house R&D team to do software development for manufacturing solutions. We have developed MAPS – our in-house and locally built manufacturing software application that used for production planning, scheduling and tracking. MAPS is a manufacturing shop floor management software, at the best value, to help the manufacturers especially in the high mix low volume industries to better manage their production shop floor. It is designed to suite the high-mix industry that is running in a very fast-paced manner. It is a dynamic tool with flexibility to allow the production manager or planner to handle rapid changes in the production floor and respond fast to manage manufacturing order, material shortage, reworks or machines break down. MAPS consist of few functional modules to allow the SMIs to handle the sales operation, purchasing and inventory control, production planning, scheduling and tracking. MAPS is a visual management tool comes with interactive graphical view to allow the manufacturer to handle daily production operation in tasks planning, scheduling and tracking. The planner could have better visibility of the job sequence, machines utilization, work-in-progress (WIP) and even outsourcing jobs that are happening at the production floor. MSC IMES provides consultancy, software sales, project implementation, software customization, after sales support and services to our customers. IMES is a MSC Status company and we are certified to ISO9001:2008 quality management system. IMES is a member company of IME Group of Companies. The core business of the IME Group is providing products, training and services, and R&D in design and manufacturing solutions that covering the entire product lifecycle management (PLM) for the manufacturers.