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About MAPS

MAPS is a manufacturing shop floor management software, at the best value, to help the manufacturers especially in the high mix low volume industries to better manage their production shop floor. It is designed to suite the high-mix industry that is running in a very fast-paced manner. It is a dynamic tool with flexibility to allow the production manager or planner to handle rapid changes in the production floor and respond fast to manage manufacturing order, material shortage, reworks or machines break down.

MAPS Functional Modules


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  • Handles PR,RFQ,PO, Good Receive and Good Return.
  • Purchase orders that can be printed and sent to your suppliers.
  • The buy part or material can be purchased from different suppliers, with individual prices and in different currencies.
  • You can register Receive/Return once products are now available in stock or need to return to supplier.
  • MAPS also link with Stock Control.
  • Most of the document regarding to purchasing procedures in MAPS can be printed. You can send them to a printer, E-mail, fax or to preview. If you have PDF software installed in your PC, you can transfer the document to PDF format as a file.

Sales Distribution

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  • Handles Sales Enquiry, Quotation, Customer Order, Invoice and Delivery Order.
  • Link with Stock Control.
  • Support multi-currency.
  • Includes cost estimation for quotation.
  • Job Tracking to support operation people and help them to easy track the current status of purchased item, manufactured item and item in available in store.
  • Most of the document regarding to distribution module in MAPS can be printed. You can send them to a printer, E-mail, fax or to preview. If you have PDF software installed in your PC, you can transfer the document to PDF format as a file


Planning & Scheduling

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  • Interactive product process flow designer.
  • Support multiple inputs and multiple outputs in process flow for complex processes.
  • Support forward and backward scheduling rules.
  • Support job priority.
  • Support production lot constraint.
  • Support work shift, overtime, as well as 24 hour shift.
  • Support resource downtime such as maintenance and breakdown.
  • Automatic select best available resource from specific resource group based on criteria.
  • Interactive schedule board in Gantt chart view.
  • Schedule can be saved as manually editable
Process Planning MAPS Workflow Process Process Planning MAPS scheduling


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  • Support stock in, stock out, stock location and stock transfer.
  • Stock booking  and stock request are also available in the system.
  • User can generate Stock Level Report and Stock Control Report from system as their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly report to top management


Shop Floor Terminal

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  • Production end user terminal interface.
  • Allow users to update and check the production process status.
  • Link with the main scheduling system.
  • Barcode supported
Job Tracking using Terminal MAPS integrate with Barcode scanning


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  • Pre-formatted Report is ready to use by users
  • Report is categorized based on system’s modules provided:
    1) Distribution : Quotation Report, CO Report, Invoice Report, etc.
    2) Purchasing : PO Report.
    3) Manufacturing : WIP,Job Card, Delay Job Report, etc.

Modular System

MAPS consists of few functional modules to allow the SMIs to handle the sales operation, purchasing and inventory control, production planning, scheduling and tracking. MAPS is a visual management tool comes with interactive graphical view to allow the manufacturer to handle daily production operation in tasks planning, scheduling and tracking. The planner could have better visibility of the job sequence, machines utilization, work-in-progress (WIP) and even outsourcing jobs that are happening at the production floor.

MAPS comes with
  • Sales & Distribution Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Stock and Inventory Module

We do not build Accounting Module but we can link to accounting packages via connectors. Therefore you don’t need to throw away your current account software and your earlier investment is protected.

The following diagram shows the system logical workflow that supported by MAPS.
Visual Management Benefits
  • Graphical planning board with online illustration of orders and machines.
  • Automatic and manual machine scheduling.
  • Production order scheduling in comparison to real, existing capacity.
  • Scheduling of complex order structures and assembly groups.
  • Factor in of setup changes.
  • Planning of production resources and tools and other resources.
  • Planning and scheduling task with advance search.
  • Fine tuning planning according to adjustable strategies.
  • Machine capacity & utilization reports. Contact Information
  • Keep track of Job Order / Customer / Product
  • Get the latest Job Status by single mouse click
  • Link back to schedule board

LIVE Production Status Reporting

Colour Code Legend : – Green (meeting schedule) – Yellow (take note) – Red (behind schedule)

System Requirement

Networking Requirements

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  • Speed 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Fast switching network switches
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for multisite configuration

Server Requirements

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  • Brand: HP ProLiant ML310e Server
  • 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 (3.10GHz/4-core/8MB/69W)
  • 1 x HP 8GB RAM (2 x 4GB PC3-12800E-11 kit)
  • 2 x 1TB HDD (RAID 1 mirroring configred)
  • 0 x Optical Drive
  • 0 x No Floppy Drive
  • 1 x HP USB BFR/-PVC US Keyboard/Mouse Kit
  • 1 x 17″ LCD Monitor
  • 1 x HP 3 years NBD ML10 Hardware Support (within 50km HPCentre)
  • 1 x MS Win Server 2012 Essential (64 Bit)
  • 1 x Server Setup and Commissioning
  • 1 x Testing and Tuning
  • Additional Software : SQL Server 2008 or above
  • Architecture : MAPS supports both 32 bit and 64 bit


Client or Workstation Requirements

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  • Processor : 2 Ghz Processor or above
  • Memory : 2 GB Ram
  • Hard disk : (installation only 30++ MB)
  • OS : Windows XP or above
  • Architecture : MAPS supports both 32 bit and 64 bit